Mel’s Top 5: Lures

This week I will be talking about my favorite fishing lures of all time! (I won’t be getting into details about brands though, I don’t want you to know ALL my secrets after all!!!)

#5 10″ Plastic Worm

#4 Lipless Crankbait

#3 Jerk-Bait

#2 Spinnerbait

#1 Topwater Popper– There are several types of topwater baits to choose from. There are frog buzzbaits with propellers, which are great, but my all time favorite is the popper. The excitement of having a big bass hit a topwater plug is incredible. The best thing that you can do with these types of lures is to really make them come to life on the water!

Topwater Poppers

I think I have some great videos of bass coming up out of the water to hit these. I will post a video this weekend!!


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