Mel’s Top 5: The Cumberland River

This week I am going to kick things off by listing my all-time favorite fishing spots along the Cumberland River. It has taken years for me to craft this list and I am excited to share it with you all. Please feel free to comment your favorite spots so that I can try them out!

#5. Lock Two

#4. Heartland Park

#3. Brush Creek

#2. Sam’s Creek


#1. Cleeces Ferry

Nestled in the heart of West Nashville, Cleeces Ferry is close to two major marinas AND there is some great main river channel fishing in the area where big bass like to hide. The area has banks close by that have shade in the middle of the day which is important in the summertime and the area is great after spawning. There is ALWAYS a chance of catching a huge summer bass here!

Blue Moon Waterfront Grill is also close by and a great place to check out for good food and a great riverfront atmosphere.



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